EDIE MAKES CHANGE HAPPEN!

Edie Raether is a world renown Change Strategist and Brain Trainer whose empowering keynotes and high-impact seminars have transformed thousands of organizations and Fortune 50 companies on five continents.

Edie Makes the Difference, as proclaimed by S.C. Johnson. A behavioral psychology expert, Edie uniquely integrates neuroscience into all her brain-based performance seminars. She has a deep understanding of the way people work and what motivates break-through thinking for optimal performance.

Engaging and Entertaining, Edie is a master in role playing and work- simulation, making her interactive training programs relevant to real-life challenges in the workplace. Her programs include change management, employee engagement, innovation, sales, leadership, negotiations, stress management and customer care, as well as conflict resolution and dealing with difficult people

A Bestselling Author of seven inspirational and business books, Edie’s books are in numerous languages and countries and include Stop Bullying Now.

An Expert Resource to all media including NBC, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc., Reuters and many others, Edie also hosted radio and TV talk shows with affiliates of ABC.

A Certified Speaking Professional, Edie has earned the highest mark of excellence awarded by the National Speakers Association to only 10% of its membership.


Most Requested Programs

Why Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work: Employee Engagement through Pride-Based Motivation

Innovation for Transformation: Power Up Your Brain for Breakthrough Thinking

Change Management: Changing the Way We Manage Change